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Why Effective Communication Is So Powerful In The Workplace

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Effective communication is an important part of everyday life. It’s how we connect with others, make our needs known, and work together to solve problems. Without the right type of communication, relationships break down, expectations aren’t met, and we’re left frustrated and feeling misunderstood.

So, how can you ensure you’re using effective communication at work? Whether you’re in management, an entry-level employee, or even the founder of a company, the following tips can help!

6 Ways To Effectively Communicate At Work

Learn To Listen

All of us are guilty of not being good listeners from time to time. Especially in the day-to-day hustle of the workplace, it can be challenging to slow down and truly listen to our co-workers. 

Remember that communication is a two-way process and taking a few minutes to really listen to someone’s concern or idea before responding is a way to show respect and build positive relationships.

Choose The Best Way To Use Communication At Work

The right way to communicate depends on the information you need to share or the type of problem you need to solve. Before quickly sending an email or picking up the phone, take a few moments to consider what your best mode of communication should be. 

Is this information best shared via email or does it necessitate a phone call? Should multiple people be involved in an in-person meeting? Make sure you consider the best ways to get a positive response from your communication before reaching out to your employees, manager, or co-workers.

Always Show Respect

Every person deserves respect. Whether you agree or disagree with information being shared with you, make sure you help the person speaking to you understand that you respect their opinion. 

It can be as simple as responding with, “I’m not sure I completely agree with you, but I understand your point of view. Let’s talk about this some more so we can figure this out”. This can help ease the tension of a difficult conversation and also avoid workplace conflict.

Try To Be Clear And Concise

Good communication needs to be clear and direct. Whether you’re speaking to someone in person or sending an email, make sure you get to the point clearly so your information isn’t misunderstood.

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to make sure that you understand what someone is communicating to you is by asking questions. You can use thoughtful questions to gather more information and ensure you and the person you’re speaking with are on the same page.

Give Positive Feedback Whenever Possible

Throughout your workday, you might notice something a co-worker does well. Don’t be afraid to compliment them! Giving someone positive feedback is a great way to lift their mood, improve the company’s culture, and build relationships with your co-workers. 

It can be something as simple as, “I know it’s been a stressful day, but I really appreciate how you’ve been so positive while we’ve worked together through this”.

5 Benefits Of Effective Communication At Work

A Healthy Company Culture

Effective communication is the key to developing positive relationships between co-workers and establishing trust. This helps set the tone for a positive culture within the workplace.Learn more about Cardinal Services’ company culture.

Improved Creativity

When people feel heard, they want to speak up more. This means that employees feel empowered to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas that lead to creative problem-solving and new ways for their company to succeed.

Increased Self-Esteem

Few things feel better than when you share an idea or information with someone and it is used to make a positive impact!

Stronger Teamwork

Communicating with one another and working together to meet common goals or solve a common problem builds teamwork and creates an atmosphere of cooperation.

Positive Conflict Resolution

If conflict arises, making sure there is a clear way to resolution is key. By ensuring communication between those having a conflict is stress-free and positive, you can turn a potentially negative situation into one with a positive outcome.

Whether you’re in a management position or are just beginning your career, learning how to use effective communication at work can be the key to your success.

At Cardinal Services we work hard to cultivate a team-focused environment through positive communication.

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