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Our History

A legacy of care

Cardinal Services began in 1954, when parents in Kosciusko County were confronted with a lack of resources to support them in raising children with disabilities. Any group or organization that could provide the answers or offer the services they needed proved too expensive or too far away.

For over 60 years, Cardinal Services has taught the community that when individuals with challenges are valued, supported and connected to their community, everyone wins.

Desperate for a solution closer to home, a number of these parents began connecting with each other through the “letters to the editor” section of their local newspaper. Before long, their children began meeting for daily classes at a family home in Milford. Although these families had varying needs, they shared the same dream — that their child could do more and be more than society seemed to understand.

The parents were right. Soon, children who were deemed “untrainable” were learning basic skills and opening a door to greater possibilities. What started as a handful of children learning from a single teacher in a living room has grown into an organization with a staff of nearly 500 employees who serve over 4,000 people each year.

With the ongoing commitment of those original families and the countless others who have joined in along the way, Cardinal Services has filled a vital niche that helps many individuals, as well as their families, live more productive, happy lives.

Care is in our DNA

Organizational Milestones 

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