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What Is Day Services?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Community hours allow people to spend time one-on-one with staff doing activities of their own choice. Heidi always has a good time going out in the community with Direct Support Professional Kayla Johnson. Here the ladies are getting a manicure, followed, no doubt, by one of Heidi’s favorite stops…the coffee shop!

Day Services is a time and/or place for people with disabilities who need support and training to find just that. Cardinal assists with daily living and work skills while creating a meaningful day for each person and helping them take steps to further their independence. There are a number of categories (designated by the state) which fall under Day Services:

  • Facility Habilitation (life skills training that takes place in Cardinal Services’ classrooms)
  • Residential Habilitation (life skills training that takes place in the person’s home)
  • Pre-Vocational Work Services (learning job skills either in classrooms or CCI Manufacturing)
  • PAC (one-on-one time in the community)
  • DH1 (one-on-one time at Cardinal Services)
  • Respite Services (takes place in the family home, giving family members time on their own)
  • OBRA (personal and enriching time exclusively for people living in nursing homes, either at the nursing home or one-on-one in the community)
Whether people are out in the community (as in the top photo) or at the main Cardinal Services building (as they are here), Day Services is about experiences and personal growth. When this photo was taken during this summer’s drought, Heidi was so happy to see the rain that she asked to go outside and dance in it! Self expression, curiosity, learning, new experiences and personal growth are all part of our Day Services program.

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