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Friday, February 26, 2021

One of several people returning to Cardinal’s Day Services program, Jessica was also one of the first in line to receive her second COVID vaccine shot.

Like the rest of our country and community, Cardinal Services has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with every tool in our arsenal. Masks, shields and other PPE, distancing, working from home, limiting capacity, frequent testing, quarantining and sanitizing at every opportunity, etc. To these we have now added the COVID-19 vaccine.

Troy awaits clearance from the nurse after getting his shot. Happily, side effects have been mild and few among those getting their shot at the Cardinal Vaccine Clinics.

Cardinal is pleased to share that our employees and consumers have been offered the COVID vaccine on-site at our Warsaw, Plymouth, and Logansport locations. With the help of Walgreens and CVS, the vaccine has been made available and safely administered in our on-site vaccine clinics to everyone wanting it. Round two was completed in the Warsaw location last week and will soon be done in the others.

Residential Coordinator, Terri Wagoner gives the “thumbs up!” after receiving her vaccine.

Whether to receive the vaccine is personal choice, and it is true that not everyone can actually have the shot. However, we encourage those who are able to have vaccinations to get the shot. It will help us to attain “herd immunity” more quickly and protect those most vulnerable (including people with disabilities) in our communities, places of business, neighborhoods, schools and homes.

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