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Adults with Disabilities

Adult Programs & Services

Programs serving adults with disabilities designed to help them set and achieve personal goals.

  • Building Independence

    Community Living

    Independence is important to us all, whether we live with a disability or not. Our Community Living services help adults to live as independently as possible, yet still, receive the support they need.

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  • A Place to Belong

    Day Services

    Day Services is made up of a variety of programs:

    • Facility-based adult classrooms
    • Facility-based work services
    • In-home respite
    • Community experience

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  • Learning Self-Sufficiency

    Residential Living

    Our Residential Living program is available to adults needing assistance with daily living requirements.

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  • Employment Opportunities

    CCI Operations

    CCI Manufacturing is Cardinal’s manufacturing workshop, providing meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

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  • Fostering Independence

    Career Links

    Career Links is Cardinal’s supported employment program, helping people to achieve and maintain employment and independence.

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