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A Cardinal Services Story: Meet Carl

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Carl Adams has worked for Cardinal Services for nearly 12 years and his journey began by working as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Carl now works as a Community Living Manager at Cardinal Services, and has held that position for 4 years. 

Working as a DSP can often lead to other jobs and promotions within Cardinal Services, the way it did for Carl. Many of our current management team originally began their journey with us by working as a DSP!

A Look Into What It’s Like Working As A DSP

While Carl is working as a Community Living Manager, we wanted to take a few minutes to chat with him about his time as a DSP. When Carl began working at Cardinal, the individual he provided support for was Troy.

In just one conversation with Carl, you can clearly see how much working with Troy has positively impacted both of them.

How long have you worked at Cardinal Services?

I’ve been with Cardinal Services for over 11 years now, when I started I honestly thought it would be a part-time job I worked for a year or so. But it captivated and grabbed hold of me, so 11 years later, I’m still here.

Can you tell us a little bit about Troy?

Troy is the first individual I came in contact with when I started working for Cardinal. The very first time I met Troy, he was in the hallway sitting on the ground, basically talking to the wall. That was 11 years ago. 

Today, I’d take him anywhere. There is that much of a transformation in Troy because Cardinal staff took the time to give him stability in his life and let him know he was safe. 

Why do you think this had such a positive impact on Troy?

It’s about providing that comfort to him, being a friend to him, and just letting him know that it’s ok. As a DSP, we don’t just sit at the house with the people we work with. We go out to eat, we go to the park, we do all sorts of things. Troy has elevated himself to be someone who can really do just about anything in the community that he would like to.

How has Troy had an impact on you?

Troy has made a huge impact in not only my life, but in my family’s life. His care is more than just a job to me. 

Why would you encourage others to work at Cardinal Services?

I think others should come to work at Cardinal because it not only provides you with a feeling of stability, working here gives you that opportunity to feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. 

If you’re looking for something that will challenge you, Cardinal is the place that you should come to work.

How would you describe your job with Cardinal?

I get paid to experience new things in life with the individuals we work with at Cardinal. I get paid sometimes to just enjoy life. I get paid to simply watch someone’s life be changed. That’s why I do what I do.

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