Ways to Donate

Investing in People Society

  • In 2006, we established our Investing in People Society allowing people to commit a minimum of $1,000 for a 5-year period. Gifts qualifying for the Society are at 3 different levels:
  1. $1,000/yr
  2. $5,000/yr
  3. $10,000/yr
  • You may customize your gift, paying all at once or in installments over the course of the year (for instance, $1,000/yr = $83.33/month).
  • You may also customize the amount of your gift to suit your philanthropic wishes.
  • You may designate your gift to a specific program for which you have a particular passion, or make your gift unrestricted to be used where there is the greatest need.
  • You will receive regular statements for your tax records and invitations to Cardinal events throughout the year.


Planned Giving

  • The Jane Wear Legacy Society honors those who designate Cardinal in their estate plans. Consider the tax benefits of your gift of stock, cash, insurance or other bequests.  Cardinal believes in the importance of planning for the future, and of ensuring the viability of programs of excellence that are not supported by ever-dwindling government funding.


Annual Fund

  • The Annual Fund is our year-end appeal and the perfect time to make a donation that fits with your tax plans. Gifts go to the greatest need at the time the appeal is made in late November, or you may choose to designate your gift. You can make a gift to The Annual Fund any time of year.


Cardinal Services Endowment Fund

  • Cardinal Services’ endowment fund is an outstanding tool for cultivating financial stability. Gifts to an endowment fund provide a permanent income stream, as only the earned interest is utilized; the principle of the fund is never touched. Donors to an endowment fund know that their gifts will continue to provide for an agency into perpetuity, creating a lasting legacy of support.


Cardinal Call Fundraiser

  • Each November, Cardinal hosts a fundraising luncheon at which guests are asked to donate and especially encouraged to join the Investing in People Society. You can help our effort by choosing to make a leadership or sponsor gift for the Call, helping us reach our event goals.


For more information on ways to give, contact:
Director of Development
(574) 371-1344